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即借助具有互不相干的熟悉事物來闡述另外一種事物。如, * Sugar candies are wrapped in the white towel; he was kind-hearted in despite of poverty. 羊肚子
What is an allusion, analogy, and hyperbole?
 · Example: A packet a day smoker said “You know if you eat too much red meat it will be detrimental to your health.” Example: As funny as cancer. 5. Allusion – to make reference (in passing) to an historical/literary/mythical thing by way of a figure of speech.
Allusion requires the reader to know a variety of things in music, arts, theater, history in order to gain meaning from the text they’re reading. For my example, you’d have to know of a famous Juliette that died, Romeo and Juliette.
,Allusion 引喻。 指暗示或附帶提及,7+ Allusion Examples for Kids - PDF | Examples

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22. In allusion to resultant milling of circumference distributing and circumgyratetion axes multi-angles surface, design and application for drum of curve knife-Edge milling Jig was good for imitating.26. In allusion to the weak links in security running of all-solid-state television transmission system, several familiar types of all-soli-state television transmitter at home and abroad are
Literary Techniques: Allusion
The example of the historical allusion is “Look, and tomorrow late, tell me, / Whether both th’ Indias of spice and mine / Be where thou leftst them, or lie here with me.” The effect of this historical allusion is that the persona is praising his lover and comparing them to the wealth of the colonised Americas.
How to Use an Allusion in Your Writing
This is a good example of what can happen if you use an allusion that isn’t well-known enough for your audience to catch. “Romeo” is often used to refer to a character who’s lovesick or charming. “Juliet” is also used commonly for the female equivalent. Here are

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 · An allusion is a reference to a literary work found with in another literary work (“A Literary Lexicon,” example, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice alludes to the poetry of
When and How to Write an Allusion
This is key! In order to make the allusion land, you want to use the same words again. (There’s a good example of this in 7.) Here is an example from a history paper about two Civil War generals. Imagine that these are topic sentences for separate paragraphs :

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An example would be using the word “kryptonite”. If you follow the Superman series, to any degree, you will know that this fictious mineral is Superman’s weakness. If he or other beings from his planet come in contact with kryptonite, they get ill and get fatally sick if they are exposed for long periods of time.
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 · Allusion Example 6. Allusion Example The makers of the Scream movie ALLUDED TO Munch’s work of art “The Scream” in order to instill fear. 7. Danny writes “REDRUM” on the door at first. Mirror reflection shows “Redrum” which spells Murder 8.
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Allusion Home Term explanation Text Example Text Example #2 Works cited -The Book Thief-See below for how allusions are used in The Book Thief. Examples Markus Zusak uses a few allusion…
Allusion in The Fall of the House of Usher
This is an allusion to German composer Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber’s (1786–1826) Invitation to the Dance, written in 1819. The narrator alludes to this beautiful and romantic piece of music to illustrate how solemn and dark his time with Roderick Usher has become: the way Usher performs casts a dark, perverse shadow upon music, such as Invitation , the narrator once thought beautiful.
Reference vs Allusion – What’s the difference?
As nouns the difference between reference and allusion is that reference is a relationship or relation ((to) something) while allusion is Noun () A relationship or relation ((to) something).*, III.1.3: all these are far more eminent and great, when they shall proceed from
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Example of Allusion: “Shot me out of the sky, you’re my kryptonite, you keep making me weak yeah frozen and can’t speak.” The reason in why this song is an example of allusion is because they relate how one girl can be their very own kryptonite.
Examples of Allusion in Poetry
Examples of Allusion in Poetry. In poetry, an allusion is an intentional reference to literary, historical or mythical people, events or objects. The reference in the work is brief, and the poet doesn’t describe the referent to which he alludes. Seeing examples of allusion

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Conclusion “A dwarf on a giant’s shoulders sees the furthest of the two.” (Beatty 103) Originally written in a note from Isaac Newton to his rival, John of Salisbury also used it in his writing called Metalogican. Bradbury uses biblical allusions to show the parallels

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