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但是官方的服務器在國外,點我查看Anaconda官網關 …
pysprint 0.28.0 on PyPI
Install with pip install pysprint or install on Anaconda with: (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE) conda install -c ptrskay pysprint -c conda-forge Requirements: numpy scipy matplotlib pandas Jinja2 scikit-learn Optional packages: lmfit – for detailed curve fitting results
在spyder中無法import module
如果在anaconda中下載安裝了模塊,在promote重新conda install spyder即可 posted @ 2018-06-20 10:02 在下小白 閱讀( 3028 ) 評論( 0 ) …
[RFC-168] Add python package lmfit
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conda create -n e2 intelpython2_full python = 2.7 source activate e2 conda install pyserial sphinx pyobjc-core pandas pyopengl pyglet pillow moviepy lxml openpyxl configobj pyyaml gevent greenlet msgpack-python psutil pytables requests pyosf cffi seaborninstall

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lmfit >= 0.9.5 matplotlib >= 2.0.0 h5py The following package is required to use the neutronpy entry-point gui optional feature pyqt5 >= 5.4.1

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conda install -c conda-forge pytables If you would like to use some of the fitting routines in cellpy, you will need to install lmfit: conda install -c conda-forge lmfit Another tool that is really handy is Jupyter. And the plotting library bundle holoviz. You might already

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 · PDF 檔案conda install pandas h5py ipywidgets traitlets pillow conda install-c conda-forge lmfit Optional: conda install nexusformat Activate the Javascript widget jupyter nbextension enable–py–sys-prefix widgetsnbextension 3.Launch analysis session. Open jupyer: 3
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Jupyter integration with conda environments Useful BASH shortcuts for conda Multiline lambdas 2017 Sharing data between processes with SQLite 2016 Fitting with lmfit Getting Matplotlib’s colors in order Using Postgres as a time series database Javascript for
,我們只需要配置Anaconda的配置文件,因此下載速度很慢,但是在spyder中無法import,可以通過Conda Forge頻道獲得該包。conda install -c conda-forge lmfit PyPI。最后的手段 但是,可能是因為兩個python環境并不一致,然后使用 pip例如, conda activate

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lmfit (version >= 0.8.3) Note that numpy and astropy are both available in recent anaconda or enthought canopy distributions. The fitsio package is required for performance reasons, since the similar pure-python functionality in the module is too slow for this application.

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$ conda install stsci wcstools Install extra packages:: $ conda install -c astropy pyephem astroquery astroplan astroscrappy ccdproc $ conda install -c conda-forge uncertainties lmfit pysftp scikit-image cfitsio ghostscript openorb $ conda install -c anaconda future pillow wget gfortran_osx-64 $ conda install -c bioconda graphicsmagick

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Package Name Access Summary Updated xraylib public A library for X-ray matter interaction cross sections for X-ray fluorescence applications 2016-12-01 scikit-beam public No Summary 2016-12-01 lmfit public No Summary 2016-12-01 netcdf4 public

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conda create–name py2 python = 2.7 Create a new environment named py3, install Python 3.5: conda create–name py3 python = 3.5 Now you have two environments with which to work.

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使用conda install 包名 安裝需要的Python非常方便,國內清華大學提供了Anaconda的倉庫鏡像,千萬不要使用 pip3 (或 pip2),而是激活環境,然后將其設置為第一搜索渠道即可,當必須從PyPI安裝時,添加清華的鏡像源,參見Anaconda的官方說明,在這種情況下,Advanced Scientific Packages — python-for-scientists 0.1 documentation
Problems installing lmfit python package
I have problems installing lmfit package. Initially, it installs fine with no errors but then when importing it in a script this happens. The developers said that while installing the converts the python2 code into python3, but this was not done for me. Can you try and see if there is any problem or it is just my system? just slicer.util.pip_install(“lmfit”) # this works import lmfit

Installation — NMRPy 0.2.5 documentation

A number of the dependencies (lmfit, nmrglue and ipympl) are not available from the default conda channel. If you perform a lot of scientific or bioinformatics computing, it may be worth your while to add the following additional conda channels to your system, which will simplify installation (this is, however, not required, and the additional channels can also be specified once-off during the
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