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ARMSLIST - For Sale: American Classic Crosman mod.1377 177cal. pistol
The Crosman 1377 American Classic Part Three
The Crosman 1377 Custom Shop Pyramyd Air offers the Crosman 1377 American Classic with accessories which many will find useful. The 10 inch barrel is long enough to convert the handgun into a Carbine with a Crosman skeleton shoulder stock available for $
PCP conversion KIT for Crosman 1377 / 1322
Highest quality PCP conversion KIT for Crosman 13xx all modifications. To use with Match Grade Side Lever Breech. What’s in the kit: 1 – PCP air tube (pressure gauge and pressure gauge cap installed) 290mm. 2 – Integrated Sound Moderator With CNC machined
Crosman 1377
Crosman claims a pellet velocity of up to 600 ft/s (180 m/s) from a gun pumped ten times, which is higher than that achieved by most pellet pistols of any kind. Many 1377 owners report success with only a few pumps, and the lower velocity is accompanied by lower noise, often an …


M358 – Crosman 1377/1322 frame side cover, plastic construction. £3.00 Dummy magazine for Crosman Comrade Brand new unused £6.00 M371 – Plastic fore end for Crosman 2250B, brand new. NOTE: THIS ONLY FITS 2250 NOT 2240. £8.00 CLICK HER E
Magnum Airpower is the world leader in custom high-performance parts for Crosman & Benjamin airguns. We specialize in 13XX, 22XX and specific PCP models. 13XX includes Crosman 1377, 1322, 1300KT and related models like the 2289G Backpacker. 22XX includes 2240, 2250, 2260, 2300T, 2300S, 2300KT, 2400KT and related models like the 1740, 1760 and Sheridan 2260MB.
Crosman 1377C / PC77 Pellet Pistol
Redesigned but still the same great air pistol America has revered since 1998. If ever there was a pistol that would please just about any shooter it’s the Crosman P1377 American Classic. With the variability of a multi-pump- each shooter can use the gun at his
Crosman 1377 Steel Breech
I did some trigger modifications to two of my Crosman 1377. Also installed better rear sights and Crosman steel breech on both. Installed trigger fram
Advice – Crosman 1377 Custom parts?
 · Advice Crosman 1377 Custom parts? Discussion in ‘Anything Airgun Related’ started by Bertyb86, Jan 25, 2012. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Bertyb86 Engaging Member Messages: 279 Likes Received: 0 Location: Newcastle Area After taking some advice, im
CROSMAN PUMP PISTOLS 105, 106 130, 1300 130 Phase I with manual reset 1377, 1322 $64.00 $64.00 $75.00 $54.00 CROSMAN CO2 PISTOLS 36, 44, ,45, SA-6 38C, 38T C41 110 SERIES (111, 112, 115, 116 bulk fill CO2) 150 SERIES 338 SNR 357

Crosman Product Dates of Manufacture

CO2, .177 cal., single shot pellet ( Crosman/Blaser 45 conversion unit) Pistol 1987-1988 Model 3100 Spring/piston, .177 cal., single shot pellet ( imported from Spain; Bascaran) Rifle 1987-1990 Model 88 Crosman/Skanaker CO2, bulk fill tank, .177 cal., single
Crosman 1377 – Part 1
One 1377 has the Williams “diopter” sight that Crosman sells, and the other 1377 and the .22 both have scopes. They are all sweet guns. I know I could have got something else for the money I have spent on these guns, but much of my enjoyment has been making the modifications.
Crosman 1377
The Crosman model 1377 (also known as the “American Classic”) is a single-shot, bolt-action, pneumatic .177 caliber pellet gun, featuring a rifled steel barrel and imitation wood checkered plastic grips. The 1377 was introduced in 1977, and has been in continuous production ever since. A separately available shoulder stock (which Crosman designates model 1399) converts the rather long pistol
Crosman Tuning Namn 1077 AS ADAPTER 799 SEK PÅ VÄG IN 2240 Power adjuster 350 SEK PÅ VÄG IN 2240 Sealkit 90 SEK PÅ VÄG IN Crosman 2240 2250 multi-shot breech 1 499 SEK PÅ VÄG IN Crosman 2240 breech 699 SEK PÅ VÄG IN 99 SEK

Gun Review: Crosman 1377 ‘American Classic’ Air Gun …

The Crosman 1377 / PC77 for this review was provided by Pyramyd Air. Crosman’s 1377 ‘American Classic’ lives up to its name. This air gun really is a classic and it probably defines the upper limit of how much shooting fun you can have for $140. I shot this one
Crosman 1377C / PC77
Crosman 1377C / PC77 air pistol, now called P1377 New sleek and modern design! An easy to operate, hard to put down bolt action pneumatic pistol (Model: P1377BR) If ever there was a classic American air pistol, it would be this gun. The Crosman 1377C is a
Crosman 2240/1377 Grip Modification
 · Crosman 2240/1377 Grip panel modification The first contact you make with your pistol is on the cheap plastic grip panels. Well, not that cheap if you have to replace them, but, cheaper than the custom grip panels that are available to buy. You can spend as much