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Poll: Do laptops still need optical drives?
Poll: Do laptops still need optical drives? Cast your vote in this poll, and then jump into the comments section below to let us know why you need (or don’t need) an optical drive in

Why You Don’t Need the Optical Drive in Your Laptop

However, you still don’t need an optical drive to do this. As mentioned above, it is incredibly easy to install software via a connection to the internet. And if you laptop is in such a bad way, you may have to ask yourself whether it might be a lot easier to just reformat the hard drive and start from scratch again.
My machine has no optical drive. What if I need one?
 · It’s probably safe to say that the days of the optical drive are coming to a close. Not this week, not this year, perhaps not even this decade, but I think the writing is on the wall. Regardless of its future, it’s simply a fact that machines are more commonly coming without a CD, or a DVD, or a Blu-ray drive.

How to Use CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays on a Mac Without …

An external optical drive will allow you to access discs on your Mac. To do this, you’ll need to buy an external disc reader that plugs into your Mac via a USB cable. Such an external drive could read CDs and DVDs, play Blu-Rays, and even burn discs — if that’s
Optical Drive Buying Guide
This guide covers Optical Drives, a brief overview of the different types of media and what you need to look for when buying a new drive Thursday 22nd November 2012 Tom Lamb
How to Install a PC Game CD without a Disk Drive
 · In addition to an external CD/DVD drive, you will need a program that can read your disc and create a disc image. The most common format is .ISO, so these files are referred to as ISO images. Unfortunately Windows doesn’t include utilities for doing this and it’s a bit convoluted in Mac OS, but fortunately there are plenty of free programs available to do this for us.
Death of the Computer Optical Drive
 · Death of the Computer Optical Drive Why most modern PCs don’t feature CD, DVD, or Blu-ray drives by Mark Kyrnin Writer Mark Kyrnin is a former Lifewire writer and computer networking and internet expert who also specializes in computer hardware. LinkedIn
Why are Optical Drives missing in new Laptops?
Optical drives aren’t practical any more. A CD disc can only store 700MB of data, and a single-layer DVD can only store 4.7GB of data. A dual-layer DVD can only store 8.5GB of data.Computer programs, music, and movies used to come on CD and DVD di

-ROM, -R, +R, +RW? Understanding the optical drive …

 · Nick248 asked the Answer Line forum about optical drives. I figured it was time to go ver the various types of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs, and the drives that read and write to them.
3 Ways to Install a SATA Drive
 · Insert your new optical drive. Most optical drives are inserted from the front of the case. You may need to remove a drive bay cover from your case’s front bezel before you can insert the drive. Refer to your case’s documentation for specific instructions for your

Discs are dying! How to live without a CD or DVD drive in …

To do this, you’ll still need access to a disc drive – but only once. So, you can use your old computer or borrow some time on a friend’s to rip your media.
I do love VCD for .ISOs but what do you do when someone has something for you that’s only on optical media? Many installs are still in disc form. And a drive doesn’t add that much weight to your
External CD/DVD drive?
The Dell Drive is listed as compatible with the, Inspiron 14 (7437), Inspiron 15 (7537) both 7000 series Inspirons (17’’ being capable of incorporating an optical drive in the system its self). 5. The 14/15 inch 7000 series do not have the ability to include an optical
Ask Slashdot: Do You Still Use Optical Media?
We do have a USB DVD drive for the once-every-few-months we need to read or burn optical media. At home I have a DVD drive, but only because my computer is 5+ years old. If I was building a new computer for home use now I’d leave it out.

What optical drive do I need to read old home made …

 · I’ve been given an archive of videos burned to DVD format a few years ago which I want to back up. They play fine on a Blu-ray player, but when I put the discs into my optical drive (an Asus DRW-24D5MT) on my Windows 10 system, it doesn’t recognise them as valid. What optical drive do I need …

Does PS4 Support an External BluRay Disc Drive? …

 · They do if you mean hard drive. I use one daily. It occupies a USB port, so it kind of sucks because there are only two to begin with. I don’t think you can get an external Blu-ray drive for it. Edited December 20, 2019 by spacey_dweeb