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A wide variety of TV series, movies and OVA have been produced over the nearly 40 years since the release of Mobile Suit Gundam in 1979. Here is an overview of all the Gundam works* in order of release year. Except for “SD Gundam Force” and “SD Gundam

Gundam Timeline 2.0 by RyuuyaMotosuwa on DeviantArt

Gundam Timeline 2.0 By RyuuyaMotosuwa Watch 10 Favourites 1 Comment 1K Views as you may VERY possibly be aware, I’m a HUGE gundam fan, as such, I’m kinda tired of how there’s no timeline available following the whole of the metaseries that so, I I’ll
Universal Century Master Timeline
It takes place in an alternate version of the Universal Century in the same timeline as Mobile Suit Gundam: Outer Gundam (Jan 1988—Jan 1992), set in U.C. 0079, and Mobile Suit Gundam REON (1996), set in U.C. 0107, all written and illustrated by Masahumi
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Gundam Timeline
uc is the main timeline and there there is one for seed, one for W, one for 00, one for G, one for X and one for iron blooded orphans Welcome to r/Gundam! Before you post please check to see if your content or questions have been submitted before! New to

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 · Gundam has a ton of relatively stand-alone timelines that you can enjoy without knowing four decades-worth of lore. The most obvious starting point for many new Gundam fans who might not want to jump into the U.C. Timeline is Mobile Suit Gundam Wing.

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Gundam SEED Stargazer After War Timeline Welcome to your post apocalyptic Gundam universe. Basically the series take place after a giant colony is dropped on Earth, wiping out almos the entire population. Gundam X Future Century Timeline Instead of that

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Nama seri Rilis Tahun Timeline MS Gundam TV series/Compilation movies 1979-1980/1981-1982 U.C. 0079-80 MS Zeta gundam TV series/Compilation movies 1985-1986/2005-2006 U.C. 0087-88 MS Gundam ZZ TV series 1986–1987 U.C. 0088-89 MS Gundam
All that Gundam 阿寶全高達計劃!
All that Gundam 阿寶全高達計劃!My plan to realize All that Gundam- Project Amuro! A cross-category projectencompassing all 3D products including toys, model, All that Gundam 阿寶全高達計劃! (78-2,gundam,timeline,阿寶,高達)

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Timeline gồm 2 series chính là Gundam Seed và Gundam Seed Destiny, bắt đầu được chiếu vào năm 2002. Seed kể về cuộc chiến giữa những người Trái Đất bình thường và Coordinators (những người biến đổi gen sống ngoài vũ trụ).

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Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team is the perfect taste of what the U.C. timeline has to offer. Made in the mid 90’s, the animation is beautiful and the story is quite moving.

Ultimate Mark: Universal Century Timeline

This timeline of Gundam’s Universal Century is, of course, a work in progress. For the time being it extends only up through the end of the One Year War, with the events of later stories to be added in stages. It’s based on the timelines published in MediaWorks’s
Gundam (Franchise)
Gundam is a long running series of Humongous Mecha Anime shows started by Yoshiyuki Tomino in 1979, Trope Maker for the Real Robot genre, and basically the Japanese equivalent of Star Trek.Gundam is a Cash Cow Franchise and a veritable merchandising empire, encompassing not just televised anime, but also manga, OVAs, video games, plastic models, toys, theme park rides, and a …

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Gundam timeline chart By kyuzoaoi Watch 17 Favourites 2 Comments 4K Views This is to describe the relationship between the various Gundam universes. Note: Correct Century should NOT imply that all the Gundam universes end here. It is simply a variant of
A.U.A.D. Timeline
Pronounce accordingly (You-Add or Ah-U-AD) or also known as Alternate Universe Anno Domini. The year 2301A.U.A.D 2 powerful corporations fighting for resources and territories. The world is nearly at the brink of destruction however somethingmore dangerous

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Gundam 90年代舊作《高達F90》將推出MG版模型,P風暴拍完26個英文字母先?Gundam F90為F91的前身,劃一只出1:100比例
,A to Z 其26種裝備,當時BANDAI想將機動戰士平均身高縮細至15米,還有香港那些S風暴,會陸續模型化。不知道是F90裝備出齊款先