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Best Jobs for Autistic People
Many people with Asperger’s or Autism have unique strengths, that most of us don’t have. These might include astounding attention to detail, or the interest and ability to focus intently on a specific topic or project. So, what jobs are best suited for those with
7 Tech Companies That Hire Autistic Adults
Autistic adults, as with any people entering the workforce, need to find careers that align with their skills and interests, position them for success, and build self-esteem and confidence. One viable career path for people with ASD is the technology space.

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(One reason: Autistic people often hold entry-level retail positions for longer than neurotypical people do, providing a stable set of employees in those jobs.) Along with this practical progress, society needs to raise its expectations for individuals on the spectrum.
Microsoft To Provide Jobs For Autistic People
To celebrate Autism awareness month, Microsoft announced that it will hire people with autism Microsoft believes in diversifying its workforce. Including people on autism spectrum would give the necessary “diversity strength the company needs,” said Mary Ellen Smith, vice president for worldwide operations at Microsoft’s corporate, and also mother of a 19-year-old autistic boy.

Autistic Traits Can Be a Plus for Many Careers

Some autistic people can, with virtually no effort, envision a 2-dimensional photograph as a 3-dimensional object. With appropriate training, such people are ideal candidates for jobs in areas like CAD (computer-aided design), architectural model construction, industrial …

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 · Popcorn for the People, founded by Rutgers University professor Dr. Barbie Zimmerman-Bier and her husband, radiologist Dr. Steven Bier, is a nonprofit subsidiary of the couple’s charitable

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It is no coincidence that what makes these characters so good at their jobs are characteristics associated with autistic or non-neurotypical people. Leaving aside The Good Doctor’s and Seven’s savant abilities, they are all logical thinkers, curious, evidence-based decision-makers, tenacious, persistent at solving problems and focused.

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Many autistic people are better at project-based tasks than those that require interpersonal skills.(ABC News: Hugh Sando)Instead, work trials and practical assessments are great examples of ways

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Professions that require high social intelligence * Anything to do with politics. You need the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to decipher hundreds of conflicting (and hidden!) motives, have a gigantic theory of mind (i.e understand what x will feel i
13 Best Jobs for People with Anxiety or Depression
Jobs For People With Depression: As per World Health Organization ( WHO ), more than 300 million people in the world are suffering with depression and mental health problems. If you are suffering from depression no matter which profession you are pursuing, you …
Careers for People with Autism
Autistic people for whom social interaction is a major issue may find working with animals a comfortable employment field. Many who have difficulty interacting with people have no such issues with animals, making fine veterinarians or veterinarian’s assistants.
Good jobs for autistic people?
 · I found this interesting as well as I did my job perfectly fine for three years then they brought in RPH and accuracy. After issues at work, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia and Discalculia but things didn’t change. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor

Microsoft Wants Autistic Coders. Can It Find Them And …

Autistic employees told me they feel better at Microsoft than at past jobs, because they know they’ll be assisted in asking for accommodations, they have people who can help them navigate social
Supporting people with autism into employment
Especially as people with autism have so much to offer – sometimes, indeed, more than people who I’m glad to say that thanks in no small part to the National Autistic Society and Prospects
Why autistic adults struggle with employment
ASD people have sensory issues. These can vary. Some are sensitive to light, cold, hot, unwanted physical contact etc. If the jobs have a lot of people, it’s possible these sensory issues will be a problem. Take Walmart, it’s just to busy and fast-paced for me to
Jobs, relationships elude adults with autism
Only 38 people had full- or part-time jobs; others had a ‘supported’ job or were otherwise considered to have an ‘occupation’ because they volunteered, attended a day program or worked for minimal pay at a sheltered workshop. The remainder, 30 people (20