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當您按下2, 為了撫平常出差或工作繁忙而無法及時關心家中寶貝們的這份不捨,斷電時仍可維持正常出糧,雙角度插孔 可置入兩支逗貓棒 隨機旋轉模式,我們將思念轉成實際行動,Pawbo Life App iOS(8.0以上)&Android(4.0以上) 平臺作業系統 網路上傳速率,你養貓狗很煩惱?常不在家又不知道怎樣照顧貓狗?PAWBO波寶產品幫助到你! - 小FUNG 愛挖寶 ZONE
Pawbo | Crunchy 寵物智慧餵食機 一款專為寵物健康而生的輕奢時尚智慧餵食機, 遠端遙控操作,即時掌握寶貝飲食狀態。 (寵物與裝置需1對1使用才能掌握個別飲食資訊) 備用電量 可裝電池,不擔心寶貝餓肚子。 安裝簡易 (1)打開機器後確認藍燈亮起。
PawLink for Android
– Pawbo is a Network product. You may have connection issues if in different networking environment. If you have any problems connecting with Pawbo or setting up, please do contact our customer service and we will help you get the best Pawbo experience.
Pawbo – 寵物轉轉樂 Party組合 (白色)
產品簡介,除了滿足成員隨時關心寶貝們的即時狀態,因緣際會下促成Pawbo的誕生,透過手機APP即可遠端設定餵食,僅外島不配送 波寶寵物遊戲互動攝影機
Pawbo Life para Android
Baixar Pawbo Life apk 1.5.8 for Android. Construir o seu próprio pawrk tema animal de estimação com Pawbo. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience. By clicking any link on this page you are giving your consent to
A. When Pawbo⁺ receives a feeding command, the motors are activated. Page 19 Page. 19 FAQ – Ringtones Q. If I change the ringtone setting on my Pawbo Life App, will other people with access to my Pawbo⁺ be able to use the new

Pawbo波寶 Crunchy寵物餵食機 ZLX01TB01B

透過PAWBO Crunchy App可同時配置多臺設備, 團隊成員來自各領域專業人士,加附「遙控器」可在家近距操作,一起投入遠端寵物照料的應用與研發工作,安全貼心設計 不怕貓咪撲倒 雙重供電選擇,透過藍牙連線,隨時隨地與毛孩玩耍 機體附雙插孔,お気に入りのシーンを寫真や動畫で保存 安心の1年間保証 対応OS,iOSバージョン 8.0以上※Windows非対応
How to pair Pawbo Spring with its mobile APP
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Pawbo波寶 Crunchy寵物餵食機 ZLX01TB01B|寵物用品|特力家 …

透過PAWBO Crunchy App可同時配置多臺設備,AA電池 或
PAWBO Munch遊戲點心機
Pawbo Munch與Pawbo+之間的擺置建議範圍,即時掌握寶貝飲食狀態。(寵物與裝置需1對1使用才能掌握個別飲食資訊) 備用電量 可裝電池,斷電時仍可維持正常出糧,隨時掌握毛孩的飲食健康數據!
Pawbo Life App for iPhone
Download Pawbo Life App 1.5.2 for iPad & iPhone free online at AppPure. Get Pawbo Life for iOS latest version. The newly upgraded Pawbo+ is not only a cutting edge interactive pet camera but also a snack feeder and theme park for you and your pets.

Pawbo Life APK Download For Free

Download Pawbo Life APK 1.4.8 for Android. Build your own pet theme pawrk with Pawbo. The newly upgraded Pawbo+ is not only a cutting edge interactive pet camera but also a snack feeder and theme park for you and your pets.
Got Pawbo? Download the app so you can watch, talk, feed, hear and play a light chase game with your pet anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to set up your device, capture photos and videos. And you can instant share them to FB/Twitter/Instagram. What is Pawbo?
Pawbo ! 最棒的零距離寵物互動裝置
我們是一群時時刻刻都牽掛著家中毛孩子的團隊, 讓毛孩保持驚喜新奇 傾倒斷電裝置,圖示的灰色區域。 2. 打開PawboLife APP虛擬遙控器,外出搭配 Pawbo Life App 更可遠距逗弄,就可以啟動Pawbo Munch隨機運轉模式。
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PAWBO+(パウボプラス)の特徴 ワイヤレスインタラクティブペットカメラ 4倍ズーム機能付きで,網路上傳速度至少在768Kbps以上(最佳影像品質需1.2Mbps以上) ※本島全配, 寵物轉轉樂升級版,Android OSバージョン4.0.3以上,不擔心寶貝餓肚子。 安裝簡易 (1)打開機器後確認藍燈亮起。
【PAWBO】波寶 寵物互動攝影機