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Hazel Bottle Tree Sterculia foetida L. 梧桐科 Sterculiaceae 種子 裂葉蘋婆 Hazel sterculia , Hazel bottle tree , Horse almond Sterculia foetida L. 梧桐科 Sterculiaceae 種子 聯絡學校(電算中心) 地址, 91201 屏東縣內埔鄉老埤村學府路1號
Sterculia foetida Species Information
Sterculia foetida is a large, straight, deciduous tree growing to 40 m in height and 3 m in girth, with the branches arranged in whorls and spreading horizontally. The bark is smooth and grey. Leaves crowded at the ends of branchlets, digitate, with 7-9 leaflets; leaflets elliptical or elliptic-lanceolate, acuminate, 10-17 cm long, shortly petioluled, with unpleasant smell; petiole 12.5-23 cm

Sterculia foetida (Bastard poon tree or Java olive tree or …

Sterculia foetida (Bastard poon tree or Java olive tree or Hazel sterculia or Wild almond tree) – Buy this stock photo and explore similar images at Adobe Stock Sales: 800-685-3602 Sell

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Java Almond Tree (sterculia foetida) – Edible seeds are enjoyed raw, roasted and fried with a mild cacao-like flavor when raw and the roasted seeds have a distinct peanut flavor. These little powerhouses have a high oil content of up to 40%. Grown primarily for seed
Sterculia foetida
Vitkhadirah, Sterculia foetida Vitkhadirah, is a tall tree with digitate leaves and large woody pods. The seeds are edible and also used to make oil. Contents 1 Uses 2 Parts Used 3 Chemical Composition 4 Common names 5 Properties 5.1 Dravya 5.2 Rasa
Hazel Sterculia, Hazel Bottle Tree Sterculia foetida L. 梧桐科 Sterculiaceae 種子 蘋婆 Noble Bottle-tree,Ping-pong Sterculia nobilis R. Br.,Sterculia nobilis (Salisb
Sterculia foetida
La Sterculia foetida L. (1753) è un grande albero deciduo, alto fino a 40 m, con tronco eretto dalla corteccia grigiastra e rami pressoché orizzontali disposti in verticilli (3 o più inseriti sullo stesso nodo).
sterculia foetida tree
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Trees of Tropical Asia
Chichaea hilariana C. Presl Clompanus apetalus (Jacq.) Kuntze Clompanus chichus (A. St.-Hil. ex Turpin) Kuntze Clompanus punctatus (DC.) Kuntze Helicteres apetala Jacq. Mateatia curiosa Vell. Mateatia robusta K. Schum. Opsopea foetida Raf. Sterculia
Sterculia apetala
Sterculia carthaginensis Cav. Sterculia chicha A.St.-Hil. Common Name: Panama Tree Tree growing in open area. Panama tree is a large, deciduous tree with an attractive, dense, umbrella-shaped crown; it can grow from 10 – 24 metres or more tall. The 316

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Sterculia foetida, skunk tree. These are functionally unisexual flowers with a single perianth whorl constituting a valvate calyx. On the left is a female flower with the anthers of vestigial stamens visible around the base of the stalked ovary. The flower

Sterculia foetida, Peon, Indian Almond, Hazel Sterculia, …

3670 Sterculia foetida – seeds Peon, Indian Almond. Large tree of Old World tropics with orange-red blossoms followed by red pods enclosing oil-rich seeds sometimes used as food. Roasted seeds are edible. Soak seeds overnight and use well drained mix.
Trees of Tropical Asia
Sterculia foetida L. Семейство: Malvaceae Мальвовые Подсемейство: Sterculioideae Стеркулиевые Названия: Bastard Poon Tree, Great Sterculia, Hazel Sterculia, Indian Almond, Wild Almond Tree (англ.) Вьетнам: Trôm
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Sterculia foetida
Sterculia mexicana var. guianensis Sagot (from The Plant List) Vernacular names [ edit wikidata ‘Sterculia foetida’ ] English : bastard poon tree, java olive tree, hazel sterculia, Indian-almond
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Hazel Sterculia, Hazel Bottle Tree Sterculia foetida L. 梧桐科 Sterculiaceae 種子 掌葉蘋婆 Hazel Sterculia